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In 1985, after our family moved to Texas from southern Indiana, we began doing craft shows on weekends when we were available.  This soon turned into a full time job for both of us and our two sons.  Our family would spend the week working on the Christmas decorations that we originally sold, and the weekend selling them at craft shows all throughout the Dallas metroplex.  Our family returned to Indiana in 1992 where we continued selling the Christmas decorations.  We did not come across the idea of engraving cake pan lids until 2003, and the cutting boards not long after that.  Since then, we have traveled mostly around the midwest to large craft shows selling the pans and boards, doing around 8 shows per year.  As the internet continues to grow, we hope to rely on moving our small family business to online sales rather than craft shows for the ease of us and our customers!


The cake pans we sell are made of a lightweight, durable aluminum.  The lids are coated with a textured paint that is baked on rather than cheaply painted and made.  The textured paint naturally hides fingerprints and other small marks that a smooth finish would not hide.  The price you pay includes the pan with your name engraved on the side (as pictured below) as well as the lid with the design your choice engraved on it (example pictured below). We have all of our most popular designs on our website but if there is something you are looking for that is not on here, give us a call or send us an email to see if we have it!


Our cutting boards come in a large variety of shapes and sized with a multitude of colors and patterns.  We get new patterns every week and have a limited variety of any specific one, so if there is any specific color pattern you are looking for that we do not have, please contact us.  The cutting boards are made of a man-made, solid surface material.  They do not stain nor do they hold bacteria.  They will lightly scratch, as any cutting board will, but we will ship an instruction page with simple steps on how to buff the scratches out.  The boards are dishwasher safe and they're very simple to clean.

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